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My Favorite Eggs of All Time

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Favorite Eggs of All Time

Item: Cadbury Eggs

Price: Less than $1

Where to Buy: Your local grocery store or drugstore

Review: Easter is in two days. Don't tell you haven't picked up a Cadbury Egg or two. Or twelve.

A Cadbury Egg has long been the easiest, cheapest way to make me happy on Easter morning. The creme egg is certainly a classic, with the frosting filling and even a "yolk" center. But the chocolate truffle egg is also a favorite, and even the caramel-filled egg when the mood strikes.

Easter just isn't Easter with a Cadbury Egg. By the same token, a Cadbury Egg is for Easter only. Last year I saw the eggs for sale in special holiday packaging (Christmas?) and it just wasn't right. It's like hanging a stocking in September or going trick-or-treating in February-- it just isn't done.

But downing a Cadbury Egg before breakfast on Easter morning? That, my friends, is certainly done.

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