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5 Cheap & Easy Ways to Save the Earth

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

5 Cheap & Easy Ways to Save the Earth


Saving the Earth won't be cheap. And it won't be easy.

But today, Earth Day, is a good time to eliminate some bad habits, pick up a few good ones, and maybe save a few bucks in the process.

  1. Turn off the faucet. If you keep the water running while you brush your teeth or while you're squirting soap when you wash your hands, you're wasting water without saving any time.

  2. Recycle. Happily, it's free in New York City. Look around and you may find free options in your city, too. Some grocery stores collect and recycle used plastic bags. In Columbus, a nearby church collected paper in a large bin in the parking lot.

  3. Listen to your parents. Turn off those lights! Better yet, turn off those energy-efficient light bulbs. (I'll admit I have yet to switch over.)

  4. Buy bulk. Individual servings, while convenient, use up too much packaging. You can easily split up food into individual portions in reusable containers. Besides, buying bulk is nearly always cheaper.

  5. Say "no thanks" to the bag. Do you really need a plastic bag to carry that carton of milk to the car? I didn't think so. And when you do get plastic bags, be sure to reuse them. Ours are mainly trash bag liners and kitty litter collectors.

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