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Duck! From Marshmallows?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Duck! From Marshmallows?

Item: Marshmallow Shooter

Price: $24.95

Where to Buy:

Review: Lots of leftover marshmallows from your Easter basket?

How about a healthier-- and much more fun-- way to get rid of a few?

The marshmallow shooter is safer than a BB gun and drier (although stickier) than a squirt gun. Your child will be the star of recess.

On second thought, maybe this is a toy that's best used at home.

The shooter holds up to 25 mini marshmallows, and they blast up to 30 feet away. Pretty powerful stuff for a mass of sugary goodness. The best part for moms and dads? The shooter is dishwasher-safe.

And maybe you should consider getting two marshmallow shooters. You have to defend yourself, right?

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