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5 Cheap Knick Knacks for an Easter Basket

Friday, April 3, 2009

5 Cheap Knick Knacks for an Easter Basket

You can get some fun gifts for the Easter basket that are just as cheap as chocolate-- and a whole lot better for your teeth. Here's five:

  1. Money-- but not what you're thinking. Salvage one of those hollow plastic Easter eggs and stick a Sacajawea dollar coin or (even better) a $2 bill inside. It's not much, but their rarity makes them fun to receive.
  2. Slinky. Go old-school with a toy that requires no batteries or electric plug.
  3. Stickers. Tiny holiday-appropriate ones can even be used for some last-minute Easter egg decorating.
  4. A book. The only think I remember in the Easter baskets of my youth (besides the annual white chocolate bunny) is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book that Mom and Dad stuck in there one year.
  5. Sidewalk chalk. What better reminder that sunny days are around the corner than a bucket full of pristine pastels?

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