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Same Name = Saved Money

Friday, July 24, 2009

Same Name = Saved Money

Have you heard of the Kelly Hildebrandt's? They're the couple with the exact same name who met on Facebook and are now engaged.

It must say something about me (although what, I'm not exactly sure) that one of my very first thoughts was how convenient it will be for female Kelly to keep her name without going through the hassles of either:
  • explaining why she chose to keep her maiden name or
  • going through the hassle of changing her driver's license, passport, credit cards, bank account, etc.
Six years ago I chose the latter, and I still don't have everything changed. My husband and I bought a house about two months before our wedding, and the mortgage is still under my maiden name.

I declined to pay the fee to change the mortgage statements, but I ponied up the cash for the driver's license. Did I really have a choice?

Yes, I suppose. I could've kept my maiden name. Luckily for Kelly Hildebrandt, that's one decision she doesn't have to make.

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