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Dish Towels That Make a "State"ment

Friday, July 3, 2009

Dish Towels That Make a "State"ment

Item: Each State Dish Towel

Price: $18

Where to Buy: C.S. Post & Co.

Review: Want your state to clean up its act? How about starting with your kitchen counter.

These old-fashioned dish towels feature the most popular attractions, people and cities of whatever state you choose. You can see the designs at the C.S. Post site before you buy. Ohio's dish towel is a pretty good representation: the presidents, Cedar Point, Ohio State and even Ohio University among a myriad of other drawings. The Columbus Blue Jackets even get their due.

New York's dish towel is focused mostly on the city, which isn't a huge surprise. But c'mon. You couldn't include Niagara Falls? Or for that matter, the Mets?

I'm not sure I'd spend upwards of a grand for a full set. In any case, some of the states aren't available (sorry, Alaska, Delaware, and a handful of others). But whether you're homesick or a new homeowner, these dish towels are one way you can literally get the dirt on your favorite state.

Image from: C.S. Post & Co.

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