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Lip Balm for Girls of All Ages

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lip Balm for Girls of All Ages

Item: Softlips lip balm

Price: $3.99

Where to Buy: Your nearest drug store.

Review: Chapstick: Bad gift.

Softlips: Great gift.

I've been a fan of Softlips lip balm for nearly 10 years, when I discovered it in college. Love the scents, love the tubes, love the way it works. And the price is right, too.

The first thing you'll notice is how the balm makes your lips tingle -- in a good way -- as soon as you put it on. Even after that feeling wears off after a couple of minutes, you're still left with a pleasant smell and, yes, noticeably softer lips.

The tubes are long and slim, and they easily slip into your pocket or purse. The simple, classic design doesn't look childlike, like so many lip balms available today.

I currently have two Softlips: the vanilla flavor as well as a rose-tinted balm that provides a barely-noticeable color. As an added bonus, the two balms were sold together for $4 at Rite Aid. I've noticed that this is a common promotion for Softlips.

If you're looking for a small token or stocking stuffer for a girl from age 17 to 70, Softlips would be it.

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