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5 Cheap Wedding Favors

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 Cheap Wedding Favors

Like it or not, the wedding favor has become a staple in the modern day wedding.

But that doesn't mean they have to break you nuptial budget. The gifts for your guests can be simple, elegant and, yes, even cheap.

Here are 5 cheap wedding favors for receptions of all sizes:
  1. We had nearly 300 guests at our 2003 wedding, so a cheap wedding favor was essential if I didn't want to break the bank (or, to be fair, my parents' bank). I went to the restaurant supply store GFS, which sells large bags of fortune cookies. I wrapped each cookie in blue plastic wrap and attached a note telling our guests how "fortunate" we felt having them participate in our big day. The other side of the note listed our new address.

  2. Instead of individual favors, my sister opted for table-wide gifts at her 2008 wedding. She picked out Hershey's Kisses in silver and rose-colored wrappers (the wedding colors) and sprinkled them in the middle of each table. Each favor doubled as a centerpiece. Certainly sweet on the pocketbook!

  3. A friend married in early July, just a few days before Independence Day. She and her husband wrapped a few sparklers with a pretty ribbon for each guest and included a matchbook that proclaimed that they were "A Perfect Match."

  4. Cheap and green: Take a cue from my cousin and distribute flower bulbs or seeds to your guests.

  5. You can buy tealights in bulk for only a few cents apiece. Wrap each one in netting or cloth and attach a personalized note. Perhaps: "The Light of Our Lives" plus the date of the wedding.
Favors are a nice way for a couple to thank their guests, but you don't have to wipe out your savings to show your appreciation. Cheap wedding favor is *not* an oxymoron!

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