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Lindemans Framboise

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lindemans Framboise

Item: Lindemans Framboise

Price: $9.69

Where to Buy: BevMo! or your nearest liquor store

Review: I've never known a girl to say no to wine. But I also know more than one who raves about Lindemans Framboise no matter what the occasion.

The dark pink hue makes it the perfect beverage for Valentine's Day or any romantic evening, and the bottle's shape differentiates it from lower class beers. (Hey, I'm all for lower class beers at certain times and certain occasions. But are you really going to argue that Miller High Life is appropriate for Valentine's Day, even if it is the Champagne of Beers?)

But mostly I love it for the flavor. Distinctly framboise (French for "raspberry"), but not too strong. I'm not a beer or wine connoisseur, but Lindemans Framboise is delicious.

Image from: BevMo!

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