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One Week to Get Cheap Stamps

Monday, May 4, 2009

One Week to Get Cheap Stamps

Remember: Postage goes up one week from today. Rates to send a letter increase from 42 cents to 44 cents on Monday, May 11.

Save a few pennies and stock up on some forever stamps while they're still at the lower price. And while you're at the post office, get a handful of 1 cent stamps, too.

About half of the people who get Christmas cards from me this year will see last year's holiday stamp with a couple of penny stamps on their envelope. The other half will probably get forever stamps. I'm tired of buying cute stamps for the season that I can never use up before the prices shoot up yet again.

I never use them all precisely because I'm thrifty. Nearly all of our bills are on autopay. The only check I send out anymore is for the highest bill of all: rent.

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