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Wedding Odds & Ends: Bubbles, Candy & Glasses

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wedding Odds & Ends: Bubbles, Candy & Glasses

I've been married nearly six years, so I don't know how Oriental Trading got my name and address or why they sent me their catalog filled with wedding supplies.

I don't plan on getting married again any time soon, but 'tis the season. In honor of brides everywhere, I browsed the catalog and website to see what deals I could unearth.

First of all, they have a great selection. For wedding bubbles alone, brides-to-be have at least a dozen options with a myriad of ways to customize and personalize each bottle. Bubbles start at $6.99 for 24 pieces.

I'd never seen some of the items for sale. For example, these candy stickers ($5.99 for 72) personalize the Hershey Kisses you give to guests. Although, be honest: Is anyone really going to read the sticker before they down the chocolate?

But some of the stuff was just plain silly. I hope never to meet the bride and groom who will drink out of tux and gown champagne glasses ($17.99 for the set) with a straight face.

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