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Brownies on a Stick for $4 a Pop

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brownies on a Stick for $4 a Pop

Item: Browniepops

Price: 6 for $24

Where to Buy:

Review: These are exactly what you think they are. I mean, the subtitle of the Browniepop website says it all: Brownies on a stick.

Really, I should simply learn how to make these myself. Until then, I'll pine after the 11 Browniepop flavors, including caramel, raspberry and cream cheese swirl. I'll dream about the "rich, dark and moist brownie hand-dipped in chocolate."

At $4 a pop, they're not cheap. But as a gift for a chocolate lover, they're the makings of sweet dreams.

Image from: The Nibble

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