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Maybe Coupons Do Grow on Trees

Monday, June 1, 2009

Maybe Coupons Do Grow on Trees

Coupons on the sidewalk are like manna from heaven.

I'm not speaking of offers unwillingly stuffed in your hand by people on the street. I'm referring to coupons actually on the ground. About a half-block from my apartment, to be exact.

I was about to step over some leaflets carelessly strewn about the sidewalk when I saw the familiar Six Flags logo. The amusement park has a location not far away in New Jersey, and my husband and I have been considering a visit.

I picked up one of the papers for a closer look. Among the many deals was a buy one, get one free ticket offer for any regular operating day between Sept. 6 and Oct. 5.

That's a savings of $49.99! So guess where I'll be heading in September?

The lesson: Sometimes the best coupons are literally under your very feet.

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