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Rocko Flake Sled

Monday, January 26, 2009

Rocko Flake Sled

Item: Rocko Flake Sled

Price: $12

Where to Buy: Kiosk

Review: When the snow falls white, crisp and clean, how often do you wish for a quick ride down the steepest hill in town?

With this perfectly butt-sized sled, you can stop wishing and start doing. It's small and flat enough to store almost anywhere- a kitchen drawer, a car glove compartment or maybe even a purse.

Forget the unwieldy large plastic sleds that you don't have room to store anyway. The Rocko Flake Sled is just right for any child living in a cold climate-- or the adult who wants to act like a kid, even if only for an afternoon.

Image from: Kiosk

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