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Too Good to Be True $10 HDTVs

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Too Good to Be True $10 HDTVs

It seems I'm always reading a story about the good deals other people get.

You know: the $10 bus tickets that are sold out when I try to book them, or the $9 airfares for routes that never happen to be mine.

That's why I would have been thrilled to snag an HDTV recently from Best Buy's website for the low, low price of $9.99.

But I also wouldn't have been too surprised when Best Buy backed out of the $1,690 errors and decided not to honor the purchases. Nothing in life is free-- and especially not an HDTV.

Some of the customers, however, aren't willing to walk away empty-handed. They're threatening a class-action lawsuit.

Get real. Frugality is one thing, but cheating others (even big box stores) is quite another.

Today's lesson:

Thriftiness: Good.

Expecting something for (nearly) nothing: Bad.

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