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Get Yourself a Jimi Wallet. Now!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Get Yourself a Jimi Wallet. Now!

Item: Jimi Wallet

Price: $14.95

Where to Buy:

Review: I got a nice surprise when I wrote about the Jimi wallet in June: The Jimi wallet people offered to send me one. For free.

Um, yes please.

I love it.

It doesn't quite hold enough (five cards and three folded bills) to be my everyday wallet, but it's nice and compact for a small purse. And it's fun to use. And cute. I got a pink one.

It's too late to ask for one for the holidays, but do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a Jimi wallet in the New Year.

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  1. That would be perfect for me! I usually only carry my debit card and drivers license. If I'm going to the library or movie store, then I'll throw those cards in my pocket, too. I usually keep my cards in my back pocket like the guys do. But I don't like the traditional big wallet bulge on my back side.
    Would the Jimi wallet fit in the back pocket of a pair of jeans, easily?
    I like the made in the USA. I'll have to add that to my blog that pushes made in America.

  2. They sounds good but are these wallet for girl also. could she carry them with her. I am looking to a small sized wallet for office purpose actually.

  3. Yes, the wallets are for girls, too. They are a little big to put in a pocket, but they're perfect for a small purse.