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At the Airport: Skip the Taxi, Take the Bus

Thursday, October 22, 2009

At the Airport: Skip the Taxi, Take the Bus

I love to fly.

But I hate to make my way into the city -- any city -- from an airport that is generally several miles away.

Cabs are expensive. Independent bus services that promise hotel drop-off are convenient but still make a dent on the pocketbook.

The best option? Public transportation.

I've had good experiences taking public transit to and from airports in several U.S. cities as well as Berlin and Munich, Germany. The buses have been on-time and not as crowded as you might think. Best of all, they're cheap. For a couple of bucks you're downtown in nearly the same amount of time as if you had taken a taxi. And with the extra cash you saved, you can buy yourself a good meal.

When I first began opting for public transit at airports, I was nervous about finding the right bus. No need to worry. Just look for all of the other people with luggage, and that, most likely, is your bus stop.

Admittedly, public transportation isn't always the best option. At Port Columbus International Airport, in Ohio, I would hesitate taking the bus unless your hotel is very near to a stop. But in a mid-size city like this, you're probably going to rent a car anyway.

But for major cities with reliable bus or subway systems, you won't find anything much easier -- and certainly nothing cheaper -- than good ol' public transit.

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