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Best Hotel Deals: Looking Beyond Priceline

Friday, March 27, 2009

Best Hotel Deals: Looking Beyond Priceline

I've long extolled the virtues of Priceline. I mean, how else would I ever have stayed at the Chicago Hilton across from Millennium Park for a mere $60 a night?

But while Priceline certainly is a wallet-saver, to get the best hotel deals you need to visit yet another website before you ever name your own price. You need to visit Bidding for Travel.

Click on the state you want to visit and you'll get a list of successful Priceline bids submitted by the users themselves.

Staying in Cincinnati? A room in a a 3-star hotel is going for $35 in June. Flying into Phoenix? Based on the listings, I'd start my bidding around $40.

By visiting Bidding for Travel before Priceline, I've reserved cheap rooms in cities such as Chicago; Pittsburgh; Seattle; Montreal; Portland, Maine and yep, even Cincinnati.

Thanks to my thrifty ways, our February visit to Burlington was only $51 a night. At that rate, a month in Vermont would be nearly as cheap as a month in our Brooklyn rental-- and the Burlington hotel came with breakfast!


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